Team of Vipers
Cliff Sims


Karim Chandra

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Cliff Sims
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About the Title

Cliff Sims worked for President Donald Trump in the early days of the campaign and, subsequently, the administration, with his tenure lasting almost two years. This provided him with an opportunity to have a clear understanding of his character. In his book, Sims discusses everything that is wrong with both the leadership and personality of Trump, and openly admits that he gets angry when some people speak or write about Trump as if they know him. Those who shower Trump with praises are either struggling to be in his good side, or are simply — and deliberately — lying. Sims mentions that “for one of the most talked-about people on this planet, I have found almost everything written or said about President Trump—by sympathizers as well as critics—to fall woefully short”. In this regard, the primary message which Sims presents in his book is that President Donald Trump is so awfully bad that it was a mistake for Americans to put him in the Oval Office.

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