Tess of the DUrbervilles
Thomas Hardy
Contributed by Harvey Landy
Chapter 26

That evening, Angel endeavors to speak with his parents about his future, starting off cautiously by asking what kind of wife they think would best suit him as a farmer. They reply that above all, she must be a devout Christian and of the same strong religious convictions. Angel tries to convince them that primarily, his wife should be adept at the workings of a farm, and he describes Tess to his unconvinced parents. They are shocked that he is thinking of marrying below their status, but they finally remove objection to seeing her though they do not wish Angel to rush into anything. He does not push the issue further, knowing that their feelings on the matter are important to them.

Even so, it is not for Tess’ skill as a dairymaid that he loves her, but for her soul and substance. He is eager to return to Talbothays to see her again, and his father accompanies him momentarily on his journey back. Mr. Clare describes his attempts at saving several lost souls, including one young squire by the name of d’Urberville. Angel is concerned that his father is victim to the harsh words of these ruffians, but Mr. Clare states that his only mission is to convert them at any costs.

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