Tess of the DUrbervilles
Thomas Hardy
Contributed by Harvey Landy
Chapter 29

The next morning, there is news about Jack Dollop, the man whose tragic love choices stopped the butter churn that one time. He has married a woman of wealth, but their very marriage ends her stream of money, to spite Jack. The field hands have a good laugh at the story, but again Tess is saddened by the news, knowing the reality of the sorrow like no other.

It is Sunday, the day on which she promised to reveal the truth to Angel, and although she had been consigned to say yes the previous evening, the story reminds her of her misery and again, she refuses. Angel is perplexed, and he now proceeds to win her over at whatever cost. She is wooed like no woman has ever been, and she knows that she will soon lose her resolve and relent. He is overcome with his desire for her.

That afternoon, Mr. Crick discovers that a shipment of milk must be immediately delivered to the station, and Angel volunteers to drive it over, if Tess will accompany him. She agrees with some persuasion, although she is not properly dressed for the ride, and they head off.

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