Tess of the DUrbervilles
Thomas Hardy
Contributed by Harvey Landy
Chapter 30

As they drive, they bask in the comfort of each other’s company in silence. It soon begins to rain, and Tess regrets having come. Angel sees that she is cold but tells her that he is very glad they are there together. He tries to distract her from the bad weather by describing their surroundings, telling of the great family d’Urbervilles, which had fallen from its heights. Tess does not make much of a reply, and the two travel on until they reach the station and make their delivery.

As they drive back to the dairy, Angel once again pushes the issue of their marriage, and while Tess tries to dissuade him, she finally reveals that she is a descendent of the d’Urbervilles. Angel is surprised that this is her secret, but Tess explains how she learned from Mr. Crick that Angel hates old families. Angel laughs, and soon to Tess’ relief, he is even glad to know since he feels his mother will take an even larger liking to Tess with her noble blood-line. Angel tries to persuade her to change the spelling of her last name, but Tess refuses, being reminded of Alec. Angel continues pushing for an affirmative response, and Tess finally agrees, although she begins to cry at the realization that she has broken her vow of secrecy. The two embrace passionately, with both being convinced of the other’s undying love.

Tess asks if it would be okay to inform her mother in Marlott of her news, and Angel laughs at her innocence. Moreover, he finally realizes where he has seen Tess before, and Tess hopes it is not an ill-omen that he did not choose to dance with her back then.

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