Tess of the DUrbervilles
Thomas Hardy
Contributed by Harvey Landy
Chapter 58

During the night, Tess whispers to him about his sleepwalking incident but tells Angel that she only cares for the present moment, being next to him. Angel apologizes for his treatment of her, saying that he loves her dearly. They remain at the house for another day, but they fear being discovered by the caretaker and make their exit as soon as possible.

They walk until they arrive at Stonehenge, and the tired Tess falls asleep, unable to go on. Before she sleeps, Tess asks Angel to marry Liza-Lu after her death and provide for her and her family. During the night, the authorities discover them, and Tess is arrested for Alec’s murder, despite Angel’s attempts to hide her. He does convince them to let Tess sleep though, and when Tess wakes, she says that she is ready to go.

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