Tess of the DUrbervilles
Thomas Hardy
Contributed by Harvey Landy
Chapter 7

On the morning of her departure, Tess wakes early and dresses quickly. However, once her mother sees her, she exclaims that she will need to look much better if she wishes to fit in with the d’Urbervilles. Joan Durbeyfield sets to work, primping Tess, and soon her daughter is a radiant figure. Tess knows that her mother’s heart is set on her marriage prospects at her new home, but Tess does not care for such thoughts. Tess bids farewell to her family, choked with tears. Jack Durbeyfield even instructs her that if Alec is willing, she can sell him the "Sir John" title, but Tess is too sad to respond. Joan and the girls walk with Tess until she reaches the cart.

To their surprise, a second vehicle pulls up behind the cart - a carriage driven by Alec - in which to carry Tess to the d’Urberville home. Joan is delirious with joy at the sight of the young man, but soon her daughter fades out of sight and she is gone. She and the children are sad to see her go, and she even has some misgivings about Alec, unsure of his intentions, but she is confident that he will marry Tess somehow.

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