The 48 Laws of Power
Robert Greene
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 14

Law Fourteen: Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy


A person needs to understand his rival clearly. Through the process, he has a chance to determine the strengths and the weaknesses of the rival (Greene 101). The situation may, therefore, enable the individual to prepare accordingly against the rival. The person may, thus, seek to form a friendship with the rival and learn more about him, to remain a step ahead. Joseph Duveen had become a successful art dealer of his time, in America. He had managed to monopolize the million-dollar art industry in the US. However, he had not managed to make Andrew Mellon, an industrialist part of his clients (Greene 102). Despite the discouragement offered by others, he managed to form an acquaintance with Mellon, which led to him becoming his client, in the end.

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