The 48 Laws of Power
Robert Greene
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 15

Law Fifteen: Crush Your Enemy Totally


Many leaders in the current world and historically have known about the power that an enemy has. Thus, they know that they need to crash an enemy completely when an opportunity avails itself (Greene 107). Where an enemy is given a little chance, he has a chance of rising from his weakness and seek revenge. Destroying him completely means that the enemy does not have the power to exert revenge.  An example is provided where Hsing was ordered by Fan Tseng of the Chinese empire in 208 B.C to kill his rival, Liu. He, however, hesitated to order his murder in a banquet, early (Greene 109). By the time he ordered the murder, Liu had already sensed danger and escaped. Hsing would suffer a loss later, on when Liu lured him into a false agreement in which he slaughtered his men.

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