The 48 Laws of Power
Robert Greene
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 3

Law Three: Conceal Your Intentions


A person needs to keep people in the dark as it relates to his intentions. Through the process, he has a likelihood of keeping them guessing about his next step. Such people may, therefore, not be aware of what a person is up to. They also lack the chance to prepare accordingly to deal with the individual (Greene 16). They may not have the opportunity to make the necessary defense to protect themselves. A person also needs to guide others far enough towards the wrong path. By the time such people realize the intentions of a person it is already too late. Ninon de Lenclos advised Marquis de Sevigne on how to get acquainted with a countess. Ninon was highly experienced in matters of love. She advised Marquis to approach the countess but not show that he was interested in having a romantic relationship with her (Greene 17). The aim would be to confide in her, as a friend. Through the process, he would have the chance to strike a relationship with the maiden.

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