The 48 Laws of Power
Robert Greene
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 35

Law Thirty-Five: Master the Art of Timing


Timing is important when dealing with different situations. Thus, a person needs to shy away from being in a hurry. Herring generally makes a person lose some level of control over himself as well as time (Greene 291). A person, thus, needs always to seem patient. It sends a message that the person is aware that what he wants will eventually come to fruition. A person also needs to take some time until everything is ready, before making a move. An instance is provided of Joseph Fouche, who was committed in the 1780s, to teaching young boys mathematics. He had never committed fully to being a priest, waiting for the right time (Greene 292). When the French Revolution broke out in 1789, he befriended a revolutionary leader, Robespierre and managed to lead through the revolution successfully as part of the group.

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