The 48 Laws of Power
Robert Greene
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 38

Law Thirty-Eight: Think as you like but Behave like Others


Where a person behaves in a manner that is way against the conventional, people are likely to think that he is only out to court attention (Greene 317). Such people are, therefore, likely to establish a way to punish the person for making them feel inferior. A person, therefore, needs to establish a way in which he is likely to blend in with the current situation. It is necessary to share originality with only allies and people who acknowledge uniqueness. In the 1600s, Campanella realized that the beliefs he had would be taken less seriously by the Catholic Church and only harm him further. He, therefore, wrote a book in which he indicated that Spain had the power to expand its power across the world. The information provided in the book was well taken in many quarters (Greene 321). Thus, he was released from prison, having behaved in a manner that was admirable by others in Spain.

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