The 48 Laws of Power
Robert Greene
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 5

Law Five: So Much Depends on Reputation - Guard it with Your Life


The author details that reputation is a key feature of power. Where people have the chance to make proper use of reputation, they can intimidate and impress others in an almost equal fashion. Where the reputation of a person dwindles, the person becomes vulnerable as he loses the respect of others (Greene 37). He, therefore, lacks the chance to exert some control against them. A person needs to be alert on some of the attacks that may harm his reputation. The situation may enable the individual to thwart such attacks early. For instance, the great General Chuko Lang made an impression that earned him a huge reputation during China’s war (Greene 37). He had taken a seat at the most visible part of the city. When Sima Yi arrived with his army, he easily recognized the man and asked his team to retreat.

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