The 48 Laws of Power
Robert Greene
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 6

Law Six: Court Attention at All Cost


Robert Greene indicates that everything in the life of a person is based on his appearance. What other people cannot see is normally meaningless until they are attracted by what they can see (Greene 44). A person needs to stand out by improving his appearance. The situation may enable the person to avoid being lost in the crowd. A person also needs to appear larger and become an attention magnet. Thus, the person needs to be more mysterious, colorful as compared to the timid masses. P.T. Barnum was nearly lynched by a crowd when people shouted that he was the Reverend Ephraim K. Avery. In the process Aaron Turner, an old friend shouted that he was actually not and only spread the rumor that he was, as a form of a joke. When they were alone, Turner told Barnum that he only did so to court attention (Greene 45). Many people would, therefore, be willing to come to watch Barnum perform in a circus.

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