The 5 Love Languages
Gary Chapman
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Gary Chapman
Year Published
Christian Literature
About the Title

Gary Chapman provides couples experiencing relationship troubles a foundation on a number of practical and religious principles in his work “The 5 Love Languages” which focuses on the causes of dysfunction in intimate interpersonal interactions and how the communication of love is linked to our senses. One way that the author’s religious propensities (for better or for worse on the matter of the book’s effectiveness) manifest are in his steadfast and unwavering belief that the responsibility of making a marriage succeed rests entirely on the shoulders of those that are married. He clarifies that failures or breakdowns in marriage should be attributed to the couple, and that this is the reason for why understanding “love” as a concept beyond its typical romantic notions holds importance. Of course, this has drawn criticism from a number of people who believe that Chapman makes too extreme of an argument to disallow for the validity of “irreconcilable differences” so commonly used as a blanket reason for divorces in the United States.

To return to the subject, “The 5 Love Languages” makes headway into how our five senses, especially those such as such as touch or sound, form the foundation of communication between individuals seeking compatibility in their relationships. Chapman presents aspects of a relationship that we take for granted, such as how considerate we are of our significant other’s own comfort levels for physical engagement, in a concise and coherent framework that helps readers approach the matter of love as a “language” or “skill” more concretely. The evidence presented in the Chapman’s investigation and elaboration into the idea of love hinges more on the circumstantial and individual accounts rather than being some rigorously defined investigation into how people fall in love, or some deeply philosophical reflection on the meaning of love as it pertains to different aspects of one’s life. Regardless, Chapman provides value in that he espouses a more superficial, digestible set of ideas associated with love and how love is communicated that may serve as a basis for enhanced overall intimacy and trust for couples.

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