The 5 Love Languages
Gary Chapman
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Chapter 14

Chapman recaps a fact from chapter 2 that learning the 5 Languages of Love and truly communicating with them might radically affect the habits of your partner. The author challenges the reader to reminisce about the lessons from the various analogies told, the author's personal marital experiences and the verdicts of other psychologists. Chapman challenges the reader to reflect on whether The Five Love Languages can change a situation for the better and what would eventually happen if partners spoke each other's primary emotional love languages.

In this chapter, the author adds that people enter marriages with different emotional experiences, baggage, and history. People bring different personalities, characters, perspectives, opinions and approaches into a marriage. The differences might be numerous, but Chapman argues that couples should not let their disparities sever their emotional attachment to each other. Falling out of love with each other might happen and result in hate and anger between the partners which inevitably leads to empty love tanks. However, if the couple locates a common ground of understanding, then they begin to compromise for the sake of each other and their marriage.


It is the final chapter of the book where the author revisits the lessons in order to give a deeper comprehension for the reader. The author states that the books goal is to reach all married couples. Chapman displays his passion towards making every marriage successful and for the return of the spark in marriages. The author also broadcasts his dreams of reducing the divorce rates as well as helping parents nurture the love of their children. He also hopes that his book will be read far and wide, so he can have a positive impact on the love lives of married and single people alike.

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