The 5 Love Languages
Gary Chapman
Contributed by Roseanne Meinecke
Themes are described as ideas that dominate a particular piece of literature. In almost all cases, pieces of literature will be centered a theme or a number of them.
Love Triumphs All

Gary Chapman’s book is a comprehensive approach to the concept of love, setting love as the center of most things, not only in life but especially in marriage and relationships. The description of love is both of pain and blessing due to the circumstances that can occur between people who are in love. Chapman claims that his research has a solution to faltering love and his ideologies can breathe new life into a marriage. It is clear from the book that without love most things generally cannot last since it provides an environment through which bickering couples can negotiate and solve irreconcilable differences. The reader observes the extensive use of the theme of love conquering all situations, even a painful past.

The pain and pleasure that love evokes ultimately have a consequence on the feelings and actions of people in marriages. Love causes pain when couples do not compromise and don’t seek to learn each other's primary love languages. This pain makes people unproductive and miserable. However, if love is nurtured and the tank of love gets replenished continuously, then love gives hope and courage to go beyond your everyday potential. Love raises feelings in a couple that had entirely given up on each other, giving them hope for happiness and triumph over grudges.

Love indeed conquers all, and it's the sole reason that people of different backgrounds, upbringings, and personalities coexist together. Love, as narrated by Chapman, triumphs over the boundaries of different characters and love languages. The author strives to show that love is understandable, and it is not as complex of an enigma as people think and once people learn and can relate to the primary love language of their partners then they will conquer all obstacles in their life.

Overcoming the Odds

Chapman, throughout his text, describes the odd situations that end with people no longer believing in the concept of. From the analogies that Chapman gives, a general conclusion is drawn that people give up on love in marriage and live the rest of their years as a couple simply tolerating each other. The world lacks answers to why love is bittersweet yet inevitable. However, Chapman is confident that he has the solution that perhaps will help couples overcome the odds of love turning sour.

Chapman expands on his lessons, writing brief narratives that show how love can be rekindles, even in failing and fading marriages. He ardently assures that his Five Love Languages are the epitome of love. The book offers advice to couples who barely tolerate each other by providing evidence of hope that love is a decision and not just a feeling. Chapman uniquely illustrates his five languages and believes that if couples understand and practice each other's emotional language, then the pain of love that may happen, will be overcome.

The author describes the feeling of being in love and illustrates the bliss and the constant high that accompanies being in love. He states that being in love is a phenomenon that people cannot evade but that reality hits after two years, often proving to be something that most people fail to handle. It is a fact proven by psychologists that the feeling of ‘being in love’ subsides and people begin to 'see' their partner for who they are and come to resent their habits and tendencies. Chapman helps his readers overcome the odds of falling out of love by deciding to continue loving their partner and learning their primary emotional love language. These languages; ensuring you have quality time, being devoted, giving gifts to your partner, offering words of encouragement and remembering physical contact are the essential ingredients in maintaining a happy and healthy relationship.

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