The Aftermath
Rhidian Brook


Sharon Fleming

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Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapter 1

The Aftermath commences with a German youth, Ozi, and his gang friends trying to destroy the ‘beast’, a symbol representing the past N...

Chapter 2

The chapter opens with Racheal, Colonel Lewis’s wife, warning her son Edmund to keep clear of Germans. She says, “You must not walk with them, ...

Chapter 3

The chapter starts with Lewis and the rest of the British waiting at Hamburg’s Dammtor Station eager to welcome their loved ones. For the past se...

Chapter 4

Frieda is getting dressed for school. She had no uniform and thus she chose to put her “Mädel parade skirt, white blouse, and her gymnasium pump...

Chapter 5

Months had passed and Racheal felt the shortening days dragging out. Lewis was working all day long and the staff performed the house chores, which...

Chapter 6

Racheal has never been a fan of shopping. On their way to the British Families Shop commonly referred as NAAFI, both Racheal and Susan Burnham disc...

Chapter 7

German children such as Ozi and his gang friends have learned new strategies of getting something to eat. The war has effectively made them beggars...

Chapter 8

Edmund was impatiently waiting for his tutor Koenig to present him the cigarettes, which he hopes, would help him to get a travel pass to the Unite...

Chapter 9

The riot at the factory had caused the deaths of three people. Lewis is not only furious at Major Montagu, the leader of the military police who ha...

Chapter 10

In this chapter, Frieda is carrying a file with the words ‘Restricted’, which she had stolen from Colonel Lewis’s briefcase (Brook 218). She ...

Chapter 11

Racheal decides to visit Susan Barnham at their residence. During the short visit, Racheal realizes that Susan and her husband have been shipping s...

Chapter 12

This chapter begins with Berti ordering Ozi to collect the gun from Grün, which he plans to use to kill one of the British officials. Ozi fears th...

Chapter 13

Barker picks Lewis by the headquarters. On their way, Barker updates Lewis on what has happened over the past two months. Lewis also informs Barker...

Chapter 14

Lubert watches Claudia seated in an armchair sewing a sampler. She looked calmer than Lubert had recalled her ever being. Watching Claudia from a d...

Chapter 15

Lubert feels relieved that he no longer had to stop at the “Have-You-Seen-Wall” anymore in search of his wife (Brook 297). On his way to check ...

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