The Aftermath
Rhidian Brook
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 10

In this chapter, Frieda is carrying a file with the words ‘Restricted’, which she had stolen from Colonel Lewis’s briefcase (Brook 218). She takes the files to Albert at the Peterson’s house where she finds him dancing to a phonograph. Albert and Frieda have sex and later, Frieda requests that Albert puts the '88' mark on her forearm (Brook 223). Albert promises to reveal his plan to Frieda in due time.

It is Christmas Eve and Racheal, Edmond, Lubert, Richard, Heike, and Frieda are gathered around the Ace Pathescope watching Mickey Mouse’ Haunted House. At last, the house seems happy and people seem to be interacting and warming to each other. After the film, Richard, Edmund, Frieda, and Heike retire to bed, leaving Racheal and Lubert behind. The two share a drink and an intimate kiss. To maintain their privacy, Lubert instructs Racheal to meet him in his room. Racheal agrees and this leads to a sexual encounter (Brook 227-232). Lewis, on the other hand, is continuing with the demolitions. Although he is acting according to his commanders’ orders, he feels sorry for the Germans. The Russians have indicated that for them to supply Germans with bread, German factories must be demolished. After the demolition, Lewis, Ursula, and the three delegates from the Inter-Allied Reparations decide to stop at a small hotel before going to bed (Brook 233). The men and Ursula end up playing a game of what each one would be doing if the war had not occurred. The game ends up triggering suppressed emotions, which Lewis had refrained from revealing after Michael’s death.


In this chapter, the author makes the reader think that Albert and his group are planning a big attack on the British Headquarters office. Albert has been using Frieda to get some confidential information from Colonel Lewis, which he uses to plan his attack. In addition, Brook reveals Frieda’s continued betrayal, who despite Lewis’s sympathy and his kindness to allow them to stay in their house, goes behind his back and steals restricted files, which are then passed to a Nazi regime supporter. Brook also seems to bring to light some of the challenges facing Lewis’s efforts to build and reconstruct Germany. While Lewis’ idea is to not only feed Germans but also provide work for them, Russia and some German officials are dedicated to destroying Germany's factories in exchange for food. In accordance with this chapter, the author also shows Racheal and Lubert’s developing sexual relationship behind Lewis’ back. Brook also seems to show Minister Shaw’s warning to Lewis coming to pass. Ranging from Frieda’s betrayal by stealing Colonel’s confidential file, to Lubert becoming intimate with Racheal, it is evident that Lewis’ kindness is coming back to bite him.

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