The Aftermath
Rhidian Brook
Contributed by Carey Speaks
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Chapter 12

This chapter begins with Berti ordering Ozi to collect the gun from Grün, which he plans to use to kill one of the British officials. Ozi fears that Berti will do something crazy with the gun and plans to throw the firearm in the river and pretend to have been attacked on his way. However, Ozi states that Berti’s latest medicine has transformed him into the unrecognizable person that Ozi disliked. After collecting the gun and taking it to Berti, Ozi finds Berti in a bad state and tries to persuade him that their mother would disapprove of his plan if she were alive. It appears that Ozi had been carrying his mother’s skeleton, and uses his imagination to persuade Berti that their mother is unhappy with Berti’s plan. However, despite Ozi’s efforts, Berti takes the skeleton and drops the bones into the flame (Brook 254-258).

Brook opens a new scene where Racheal is bidding Edmund goodbye, ready to accompany Lubert to Lübeck. Before leaving, the front doorbell rings and Racheal rushes to open it. Racheal greets Captain Barker who, after a brief introduction, relays Lewis’ message that his stay has been delayed in Heligoland and expects to return by 1 March (Brook 260). Before leaving, Barker hands Racheal the letters, a brown paper parcel directed to Edmund, and a box file. After reading the letters, Racheal carries the box to Lewis’ study and decides to check the box, which Barker had stated, contained Lewis’ personal projects. Rachel is surprised after turning to page twenty-seven of the document where she finds Claudia’s [Lubert’s wife] picture clipped on the notes (Brook 263).  Finally, Racheal goes to the station where she meets Lubert and they both board a train to Lübeck. After spending the day touring the city, Racheal and Lubert retire to Hotel Alter Speicher. It is while at the hotel that Racheal presents the file to Lubert and asks him to look. At first, Lubert does not believe that Claudia could be alive. He says, “I looked for her. For months and months. She is dead” (Brook 268). After looking again, the truth dawns to him that Claudia was alive. The author ends the chapter with Racheal thanking Lubert for waking in her what she had forgotten.


The author seems to reveal to readers that Albert’s plan is about to take place. This is clear when Ozi indicates that Berti is planning to kill someone. Additionally, the return of Lewis in a few days and the reappearance of Claudia brings Racheal back to her senses. Although she is aware that her physical relationship with Lubert is about to end, she seems grateful to Lubert for bringing her old self back.

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