The Aftermath
Rhidian Brook
Contributed by Carey Speaks
Chapter 9

The riot at the factory had caused the deaths of three people. Lewis is not only furious at Major Montagu, the leader of the military police who had issued the order to shoot but is also enraged at himself for not being there to prevent the riot. Barker, Lewis’ second in command, informs him that General de Biller has summoned him to an emergency meeting. Contrary to Lewis’ initial thought that he would be fired, the General wants to send Lewis to Heligoland to help with demolition of German factories (Brook 211). Lewis goes home and informs Lubert to help him take care of Edmund and Racheal while he is away. Lewis goes to their bedroom and informs Racheal about his new posting. Racheal does not feel affected by the news; instead, she helps Lewis to pack and gives him a goodbye kiss, on the cheek, as if kissing a passing friend (Brook 217).


The author uses this chapter to show the ministers’ strategy of hindering Lewis’ efforts to unite the Germans and British. Because of his sympathy towards the locals and his efforts to encourage people to fraternize with Germans, Lewis is given a new post at Heligoland, far from Hamburg. While he is focusing on his duties, Lubert is also questioning Lewis’ priorities concerning his wife and son. Although Lubert admires and respects Lewis, he feels that Lewis is either clueless or blind to realize that his wife needs his company, understanding, and most importantly, his love. Through Racheal's lack of affection towards Lewis, Brook seems to suggest betrayal is about to start.

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