The Art of the Deal
Donald Trump
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 1

The central focus of the first chapter of the Art of the Deal explores a variety of techniques and philosophies related to making deals. Of course, negotiating represents one of Donald Trump’s self-proclaimed talents and favorite activities. Trump clarifies that the ability to convey a message to a group of people and have them resonate with that message requires finesse and artistic creativity comparable to that of composing music or to painting (Trump and Schwartz 62). In this regard, Trump presents negotiation as an art of arrangement which is crucial for any individual engaging in any kind of deal. He also demonstrates the importance of an individual to have the capacity of negotiating without displaying any flaws authors demonstrate. The person should use leverage and behave as if he or she does not care a lot about the deal. One should act like he or she is not desperate and does not really need the item even if that is not the case. Thus, the person is likely to avoid a situation where the seller takes advantage of him or her. Chapter One shows how Trump operates on a daily basis as well as the beliefs governing his life which we can relate to our own (Trump (Trump and Schwartz 77). Trump says that if people plan on negotiating with others, they should not display their flaws (Trump and Schwartz 79). Such individuals need to use leverage and behave as if they could not care less regarding the deal and make the other party see that they are not desperate about what they want, even in a situation when that is not the case.


This chapter is more of an introductory chapter of the book providing insights of what is needed to complete a good deal in the business world. It demonstrates the need for having proper negotiation skills as a person involved in business since good negotiation skills enable clear understanding of the issues being discussed hence increasing the chance to gain more from an investment. For a successful negotiation, one needs to be keen on what he or she brings out so that what is put on the table for discussion, for instance, does not end up working against the person. In this regard, where people are keen not to display their flaws to the other party, they are likely to attain an upper hand. They are also likely to earn the respect of the other party. Thus, the situation pushes them to prove their worth influence the deal towards them. The capacity to retain control in every negotiation is important in boosting the perception that other the other party in negotiation has about an individual.

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