The Art of the Deal
Donald Trump
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 11

In the chapter, Trump discusses how he has always identified the best deals to undertake. Granted, he is not afraid to make a lot of payment towards the products, provided they are likely to make a higher income. He, however, talks of a different method, when he ventured into football. By the time he was buying the New Jersey Generals in 1983, the league was in its bad shape (Trump and Schwartz 273). He, however, indicates that football has been his major interest. Thus, he foresaw investing into it as a major boost to his empire. He chose to pick another team, in spite of the great success that the Generals were having at the time in the League. He states that one of the problems with the league is that the games were held during Spring. However, most fans normally like to have games played during Fall. Television networks would, therefore, pay very little to show games played during Spring. Trump, however, notes that he got into the business of signing and selling players, such as Herschel and Jim Kelly, thereby, making more revenue (Trump and Schwartz 281).


The identification of the best is deemed to be among the most important skills that a person may have. As shown in the habit of Trump, he has the practice of determining what the best around him is and move in quickly to acquire it. The virtue is important as it details upon a person who is effective in identifying some of the opportunities that lie in front of him and taking full advantage of them. One instance detailed in the ventures by Trump is where he chose to venture into the US Football League. It details a person who knows the right time to take a step and moves into it fully.

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