The Art of the Deal
Donald Trump
Contributed by Jack Shields
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Chapter 12

In the chapter, Trump talks about the rebuilding of the Wollman Rink. He indicates that he was frustrated with the view that the New York City was planning to rebuild the rink. He states that he was appalled by the plan that the city management had, where it hoped that it would be open in about two years if everything went well. Trump was apprehensive that everything could go well (Trump and Schwart 302). He, therefore, details the major roles he played in the development and the reopening of the rink. He was able to liaise with the city management where he provided the necessary work competence that would be critical towards the fast completion of the rink (Trump and Schwartz 324).


The Chapter presents Trump as a man who is not shy of getting into any form of confrontation in a bid to succeed in a given venture that he wishes to engage in. Thus, as it is shown in the process of rebuilding the Wollman Rink, Trump did not allow the objection of the New York City management had towards him. He believed that he was the right man for the job. He, therefore, moved in to take over the job, going ahead to finish it in good time and budget. The chapter also shows the virtue that lies in a person being able to prove his capability when given a chance.

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