The Art of the Deal
Donald Trump
Contributed by Jack Shields
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Chapter 13

Trump details the hardest and the easiest business decision that he has ever made. The decisions are tied on the same property. He talks about the West Side yard where he needed to release it, which termed to be a hard decision for him to make. He, however, indicates that it was easy for him to make up his mind to repurchase the property in 1985 (Trump and Schwartz 325). Trump also weighs in on some of the strategies he applied, which enabled him to get the finances to fund the different interests that he had. Thus, he states that he was able to devote himself to deals. The process, therefore, enabled him to generate more cash-flow that was important towards him attaining some level of growth in his business activities that he was majorly involved with (Trump and Schwartz 327).


The chapter also shows the importance of having a good criteria for making decisions . Sometimes, the best decisions are also the hardest. However, they still need to be done to be of benefit to the individual involved. For instance, by choosing to release the West Side yard, Trump was fully aware that it was not presenting him with the chance to make the levels of profits that he was looking for. However, when the right time presents itself, one needs to bear the chance to make a move into a venture that is bound to be profitable. The action is shown in the move than Trump made in 1985 when Trump chose to repurchase the yard.

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