The Art of the Deal
Donald Trump
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 14

Trump talks about different business ventures that he has been involved in. For instance, he talks about his involvement in the US Football League (Trump and Schwartz 358). He also talks about the Wollman Rink. He states that he the budget of the development had a budget of $750000. He also states that he managed to make the rink at below the amount and it opened up ahead of schedule. He also talks about the Palm Beach Towers. He talks about the partnership that he had with Lee Iacocca. He takes note of The Australian Casino. He managed to run the business using a 24-hour plane trip from New York City trip. He also talks about the Beverly Hills Hotel where he managed to sell it to the highest bidder. He indicates that he was able to sell the hotel to Marvin Davis, an oil magnate.


The chapter acts as a sum-up of the various ventures that Trump was involved in and the levels of success that he attained out of it. Thus, the chapter serves as a testimony of the need to treat Trump as a credible source of information on the procedure that goes into making deals. He appears to be a person who applies both the concepts of time and timing the get the best that he can. For instance, by choosing to invest in the Beverly Hills Hotel, Trump managed to make great sums of money by selling it to the highest bidder.

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