The Art of the Deal
Donald Trump
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 3

In this chapter, the book demonstrates much on what Donald Trump learned from his father. In the book, Trump also discusses how his mother contributed a lot to his success and who he has become. Together with four other siblings, his history tells that he was raised with a rough down to earth father and a mother with “skill for the dramatic,” an aspect which happens to be very stimulating as one reads through. He says competence and efficiency must walk hand in hand (Trump and Schwartz 70). In the book, Trump states that “I was always something of a leader in my neighborhood” (Trump and Schwartz 72). This is an indication of the strong competence that he had all through his life.

In the book, Trump’s father, Fred, is depicted as a harsh, stern and demanding person who was problematic to relate with. The chapter discusses how Trump’s father made a cost-effective real estate assortment of single-family households in Queens and low-income accommodation enlargements in Queens and Brooklyn. Trump’s relationship with his father is described to have been stronger as compared to the other four siblings because his approach to business was similar to his father’s. Trump is quoted saying, “I was involved in the business very young, and I was never frightened by my dad, the way most individuals were,” (Trump and Schwartz 116). The book also describes how Trump learned from his dad the significance of competence and toughness.


The Chapter shows the level of influence that other people are likely to have to that of an individual and how mentorship plays an important role in making an entrepreneur. As presented in the case of Trump, parents or guardians often form the immediate environment that a child can learn from. Trump associates the success he has attained in his life with the strictness that his father had towards him and his siblings. It is also the guidance of his father that oriented him into the world of real estate and making deals and as they enjoyed a good relationship. It is evident that this mentorship started at an early age; “I was drawn to business very early, and I was never intimidated by my father, the way most people were. I stood up to him, and he respected that. We had a relationship that was almost businesslike” (Trump and Schwartz 55). Through the mentorship of his father, from an early age, Trump seems to have learned the need to the environment which a business is to be established and take advantage of opportunities for investment in order to become successful in any business undertaking. What he learned from his father has, in a big way, helped him in his day to day business activities.

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