The Art of the Deal
Donald Trump
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 4

Chapter four introduces three points that can should always focus on more than just the suitability of an industry for investment; how to use other people’s money, the importance of not expressing fear during battles, as well as the importance of paying attention to people you may only have proficient relations with (Trump and Schwartz 81). In this regard, Trump suggests that it is paramount for every individual with a business mind to consider these three points if he or she wants to succeed.

In addition to these three important points, Donald Trump discusses a joint venture with his dad which he regards as the first big deal he ever made. Here, one learns how Trump and his father went about purchasing something with the little amount they had. Trump also appears to be happy with the venture. He says that “the fact that it was such a big job appealed to my father and me because it meant we could focus” (Trump and Schwartz 82). Nevertheless, the perception of employing other folks’ cash for making other types of acquisitions in life can still be practical. Swifton was a village that was a government foreclosure with a lot of vacant parts. They presented a small offer for the unit, and they were able to get it through a loan from a bank, which encompassed one hundred thousand dollars more. To avoid paying the loan out of what they got, Trump and his father were required to handle the venture wisely. Managing Swifton proves that Trump had learned the significance of displaying no fear in huge situations through a worker he called Irving who is said to have been a conman, as confirmed by the police. However, Trump never caught Irving stealing regardless of his criminal record and appeared to admire how Irving could face out the most intimidating principle. This tenet was surviving quarrels over unpaid rent, without swapping disappointments.

Later, Trump and his father sold Swifton village after examining a tip from one of his occupants concerning negative modifications in the region. The corporation they sold it to, Prudence, seemingly was not all that practical, either (Trump and Schwartz 85). In the book, Trump confessed where he was getting information from, which resulted in the choice to sell, does appear as evidence to the point that other successful writers are not mistaken when they tell us, “We have to be open to making friends with our clients and creditors” (Trump and Schwartz 148). If Trump never made the effort of building a relationship with one occupant maybe, they would have lost their tops on that certain job.


This chapter explicitly illustrates the role that other people who are not usually directly involved in a business play in the success the business and why they are important. Therefore, any individual doing business needs to determine the immense role that people play into his or her life. For instance, the skill on how to use other people’s money is imperative in building upon the capabilities of a person to interact with his world better. It also improves upon the ability of a person to attain a lot of success without necessarily having to use a lot of energy. The ability not to show fear while negotiating with other people shows that a person has mastered the human nature. People are bound to show a lot of respect for he who does not display fear. Identifying the right people to do business with who may also be helpful as it allows growth.

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