The Art of the Deal
Donald Trump
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 5

In the chapter, Trump first discusses his knowledge of how things operated on a collective level in New York City where he desired to construct buildings. He indicates that at that point, the market in the city was very hot, the prices seemed very high, and he was unable to find a deal he liked (Trump and Schwartz 93). Trump also discusses his life as he shares what he learned from dating beautiful ladies. Mr. Trump tells that he even wanted to construct the center through his bid to build was not accepted. Trump tells that the New York City management had established a controlled development mechanism that pushed the cost of constructing in the area upwards (Trump and Schwartz 96). However, the whole point of this chapter is not the moronic conduct of New York City management; it also discusses how Trump found himself in Manhattan. Trump discusses his struggles and establishments in New York City and Manhattan to demonstrate his struggles to get into a particular place publicly.

This chapter also demonstrates how Trump was never concerned about making a fault (Trump and Schwartz 98). The manner in which Trump was involved in brokering the contract between New York City and Penn Central demonstrates how Trump was able to obtain easy money just as a result go his determinations. The money obtained is what resulted in the building of the Javits Convention Center (Trump and Schwartz 102). Trump wouldn’t have been able to gain acknowledgment in finalizing the deal without, “determination” (Trump and Schwartz 103).


This chapter demonstrates that zeal and resilience that Trump had in business and how these traits helped venture in many businesses. When the New York City management rejected the bid by Trump to construct a center in Manhattan, he did not allow the situation to cow him. This demonstrates the importance of having focus and commitment in business. While challenges such and mistakes may hamper some people in going ahead with the ventures they wish to get into, Trump shows that nothing needs to be a stumbling block between a person and the achievement of dreams, focus and determination often pays.

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