The Art of the Deal
Donald Trump
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 6

This chapter how Trump corporate with the Hyatt for the attainment and renewal of Manhattan’s Commodore Hotel, now known as Grand Hyatt, in 1980. The book demonstrates how people succeed in the deal-making if they do not focus on or expose what they don’t have. In the book, Trump says, “You don’t tell someone something they do not require to know at the time of negotiations,” to discuss this idea (Trump and Schwartz 121). Additionally, the book suggests that people need to emphasize on what they can and are ready to do to support their end of the giveaway; keeping every person’s consideration on the positive profits of a prosperous deal for all parties involved. This book falls into one of the ancient, most powerful categories in prevalent American culture: the victory territory or works on how to get ahead in life.


The main message presented on this chapter is the importance of having a vision in business. Trump majorly shows that people should not allow what they do not have to prevent them from reaching their dreams. In the renewal of the Commodore Hotel in Manhattan, Trump did not focus on the fact that he did not have the money for the project, even though, that was the case. His actions, therefore, show that having a deep purpose is bound to beat any form of challenge that a person is likely to experience. It influences such an individual to establish the specific ways in which he may access some of the resources that he lacks for the job.

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