The Art of the Deal
Donald Trump
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 8

This chapter talks about how Trump found out that Hilton Hotel had more than 150 outlets globally and that two of them accounted for around 40 percent of the net profit of the corporation. He started looking for possessions in Atlantic City, New Jersey and sought the best location if sensibly sold (Trump and Schwartz 199). Trump encountered several challenges while trying to attain funds, architectural endorsements, and accredited as a casino operative. He said that with a lot of regulators and guidelines to please, they had one key benefit which is the fact that they were not a bureaucracy. He does not involve anyone in most of his major decisions. He just wants outcomes just as he has all through his adulthood.


The chapter also demonstrates keenness and focus as some of the assets that are important for building a major business empire. It is tied to identifying what works and putting much concentration on it. For instance, where Trump details that he does not involve anyone while making any major decision, it shows that as a bearer of a project, he is the only one who knows exactly what he wants. Thus, much of the action comes into bearing the ability to use other people appropriately to obtain the levels of success that may be needed in a given venture. Also, the removal of bureaucracy in different engagements is important towards boosting the chances of success in the area.

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