The Art of the Deal
Donald Trump
Contributed by Jack Shields
Chapter 9

In this chapter, Donald Trump discusses his problematic meeting of a bid while directly talking with Barron Hilton, the owner of the Hilton Hotels. He took huge risks by taking a short loan for investment to create the Trump Palace. Trump states that it was not easy to make his mark on a corporation that his dad started and constructed into a huge victory. A few sons set off to beat their dads at the same game, and that may be the hardest thing of all, especially when the dad’s name is Conrad Hilton. “Hilton could have persisted everything if Barron himself had reserved the authorizing hearings more earnestly,” Trump states (Trump and Schwartz 229).


The chapter shows that no major advancements can be made without a person having the willingness to take major risks in his life. Trump knew how much he needed to get a share of the Hilton Empire. By choosing to get into a face-off with Barron Hilton, Trump was already putting one foot into the very aspect of risk required in deal-making. Trump was also committed to making the Trump Palace. At the time, he was cash-strained but never allowed the situation to get the better of him and deter his dreams. He, therefore, chose to take small loans to build upon his ability to complete the project.

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