The Atlantis Gene
S. A. Beck
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 1

The novel begins with Otto Heike, one of the main characters, and Dr. Akiko Yamakazi, a scientist who had suffered a massive stroke. She was healed by a group of Atlanteans (who were subsequently hunted down and killed by government agents) and later escaped from the hospital where she was admitted to after traveling under the scorching sun of the desert. The driver, Dr. James Yuhle, and Vivian, an assassin working with the Atlantis Allegiance, are also in the car.

Otto is worried that Vivian is planning to kill them since she is holding a nine-millimeter automatic gun. Vivian questions Dr. Yamakazi about what she can remember about the ordeal, despite having asked about the same on three previous occasions. Later, Vivian receives a call from Edward, a computer hacker and conspiracy theorist working with the Allegiance, who informs her that government officials are closing in on them and may be tracking them to determine where their base was located. She searches Dr. Yamakazi for a tracking device, which Otto found on the coat she was wearing. The chapter ends with Vivian revealing a large duffel bag filled with guns.


Vivian’s repetitive questioning of Dr. Yamakazi about the incident at and an escape from the hospital suggests an effort to find inconsistencies in her story. The chapter reveals the supernatural powers possessed by Atlanteans through their ability to heal Dr. Yamakazi. While Vivian is a skilled assassin, she is also cautious of the government agencies and suspects that Dr. Yamakazi might be connected to them. Edward’s call confirms her suspicions about the government agents who are following them. The tracking device found on Dr. Yamakazi’s coat shows the dedication demonstrated by the secret government agency in finding the Atlanteans and locating their base in the desert.

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