The Atlantis Gene
S. A. Beck
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 11

Otto and his group move from their hideout to a different location. On their first night, one of the Tohono O’odham men teaches him how to spot the most deadly scorpions. Otto, Vivian, Dr. Yamazaki, Dr. Yuhle, and Grunt drive to Tucson to meet someone for dinner. He is surprised that Dr. Yamazaki has been invited to the meeting. They meet Dr. Charles Smith, Dr. Yamazaki’s former professor and boss who she had worked with during her postdoctoral; he had been an expert in generational genetics. Dr. Yamazaki starts updating Dr. Smith about the Atlantis gene project but is silenced by Otto. The group subsequently drives to Dr. Smith’s house where they are received with whiskey. He informs them that he has been a Catholic all his life despite his belief and research in genetics — and notes that there is no reason science and religion have to lock horns. 

Dr. Smith and Dr. Yamazaki begin a discussion about Jesus, a private joke that they shared while working together at the university while being shown around the house. The two doctors settle down and discuss the research evidence that Dr. Yamazaki had sent to Dr. Smith earlier via a courier. Dr. Smith refers to Dr. Yamazaki as Akiko, a nickname only shared between the two of them.

Grunt and Otto go outside; as they were walking in the dark, they could hear a coyote howling. They notice stone sculptures that look like a druid’s face. Otto informs Grunt that he should show the boulders to Jim Running Horse.


Otto’s actions of silencing Dr. Yamazaki when she was about to explain to Dr. Smith her research about the Atlanteans showed that he was concerned about the danger of discussing such matters in public. Working with the Atlantis Allegiance had made him more attentive to details relating to the Atlanteans and the methods used by government agencies to track people or listen-in on their conversations. The theme of love and friendship is seen through Dr. Smith and Dr. Yamazaki’s private joke and their interactions with one another. Their unique relationship is also seen through Dr. Smith’s reference to Dr. Yamazaki as “Akiko”. 

The boulders shaped in the form of druids represents the retention of culture in the region and its importance to Native Americans like Jim Running Horse, who were dedicated to preserving the ancient ways of the land. This explains why Otto and Grunt were mesmerized by what they saw: “The vision sent chills up Otto’s spine, not from fear but from an eerie realization that the history of the region had somehow been naturally inscribed onto the rock” (Beck 107).

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