The Atlantis Gene
S. A. Beck
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 15

General Meade returns to the Poseidon Project with the full data of General Corbin’s years of research — convinced that, together, they could develop the Atlanteans to their full potential. He is focused on changing the current state of leadership in the country, which has contributed to increased corruption. Corrupt civilians, who were able to pay some government officials, ended up being employed for leadership positions that were meant to be offered to military soldiers. General Meade decides that there is a need to overthrow the current corrupt government even though his participation could lead to his demotion from his position — or even imprisonment. He decides to use the Atlanteans he is training to strike Washington, D.C., hoping that other soldiers will join him in his mission. General Meade is convinced that the people will not look at him as a traitor, but as a savior. He walks into the Poseidon Project lab and finds Dr. Jones and Bill Ziegler, a hypnotist that General Meade had kidnapped from the Italian Mafia to use for his projects. General Meade offered him more money than the Italian Mafia, plus immunity from prosecution. 

General Meade, Dr. Jones, and Ziegler are assessing an Atlantean captured when Dr. Yamazaki was rescued from the hospital. Robles, being the only survivor of the group, had been shot and appeared to have the ability to heal faster than other Atlanteans. Ziegler uses his hypnosis, and the man identifies himself as Arturo Robles — who also gives them his address before shutting his eyes. General Meade requests Dr. Jones to inject Robles with a drug that induces pain — which is the same technique he used to interrogate Orion. After giving Robles the third injection of the drug, General Meade gives up and schedules the interrogation for a different day to allow the Atlantean to heal. His assistant, Major Jefferson, informs him that she had been going through a blacklist to determine who had been going after him. She tells him that, among all his enemies,Vivian Gullard and Philip Sellmeyer, who was going by the nickname Grunt, were the most likely individuals — as it would not be their first time to kill a general.


Corruption is seen as a major issue in the leadership of the army. General Meade is convinced that such legalized delinquency going on in the country is affecting the military: “The head computer programmer for General Meade’s own base used to be a man in uniform” (Beck 134). His character, as an impatient man, is seen through his ill-treatment of the Atlantean. Although Dr. Jones warns him that Robles needed to recover from his injuries before going through the interrogation, he is focused on getting as much information as possible. The investigations conducted by Major Jefferson has enabled General Meade to identify Vivian and Grunt as the most likely individuals involved in the Atlantis Allegiance operation.

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