The Atlantis Gene
S. A. Beck
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 3

Although Yuhle was trying to drive as fast as he could, the American government agents were following them closely. Vivian proposes that they should shoot them, but Otto — who is not used to killing people — suggests using their tasers instead. Otto’s pyromania resurfaces when he sees the grenades handed to him by Vivian and imagines the amount of fire they could produce. Two men who are blocking the road start shooting at them, to which Otto throws a grenade and causing an explosion. 

Vivian pulls Otto back, making him feel guilty about his interest in the explosion. She refuses to believe that Dr. Yamakazi is not associated with the agents. Atlanteans are described as having black skin with blue eyes, as well as Asian features. While Otto begins describing Jaxon to Dr. Yamakazi, Vivian cuts him off and states that although General Meade was under the law, the Pentagon allowed him to do anything — including kidnapping and monitoring civilians to get more information about Atlanteans. 


Vivian uses sarcasm to make Otto understand that their survival relies on their ability to kill the government agents before they do the same to them: “They’ll shoot at us from a distance. No need to get up close and personal” (Beck 20). Otto’s innocence makes him believe that surrendering would prevent them from being killed by the agents, yet Vivian’s experience as an assassin has taught her that killing the agents is their only option. Although Vivian does not reprimand Otto, he feels guilty because of his fascination with the explosion. The theme of distrust is seen in the chapter through Vivian’s refusal to acknowledge that Dr. Yamazaki was not a spy working for the government agents and requests Otto not to share private information with him. Furthermore, this can also be viewed as Vivian’s commitment to the Atlantis Allegiance, as she understood that revealing too much information about their activities and location would make it easy for the government agents to find them.

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