The Atlantis Gene
S. A. Beck
Contributed by Greta Venegas
Chapter 5

General Meade reveals that Dr. Yuhle was a former Poseidon Project employee, and he worked with him in research related to the Atlanteans. This was before Dr. Yuhle joined the Atlanteans and helped them in taking Dr. Yamazaki away, who was the lead scientist and expert on the Atlantis gene research. He further reveals that he had captured one Atlantean and plans to torture him for information. Major Leticia Jefferson, General Meade’s assistant, has been working with him on the Poseidon project, and has been requested to help determine whether one of his former enemies was helping Dr. Yuhle and his team. 

The Poseidon laboratory contains captured Atlanteans in a semi-conscious state. Access to the area is restricted, and only Dr. Patrick Jones, General Meade’s lead scientist, among several other individuals, are allowed to enter the laboratory. General Meade created a training ground within the facility for Orion, his Atlantean subject. He is worried because the Pentagon might raise questions about the soldiers under his command repeatedly going to the hospital. General Meade states that some of the soldiers received serious injuries while training with Orion because he would get carried away and end up hurting them. He also feels guilty for drugging Orion and hypnotizing him to make him willing to abide by his instructions (Beck 27-28).


The chapter reveals that General Meade was responsible for Dr. Yamazaki’s stroke and the death of the Atlanteans who had healed her, which showed how determined he was to destroy the Atlanteans. General Meade seems to be training Orion to ensure that he has an additional advantage when fighting with Atlanteans. He also seems to believe that creating a team of Atlanteans super soldiers is the planet’s only hope for survival in case of an alien invasion. Despite feeling guilty for turning Orion into his slave, General Meade convinces himself that it is the only way to destroy Yuhle and his team of rogue Atlanteans. Finally, he seems to be more interested in making the Atlanteans his slaves than defeating any rogue Atlanteans: “The Atlanteans needed to be forced to obey…” (Beck 43).

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