The Atlantis Gene
S. A. Beck
Contributed by Greta Venegas

A. Beck is a novel author living in California. She has written two book series “The Atlantis Saga” which was a seven-book series published between 2015 and 2018 and “The Mage’s Daughter Trilogy” that was published between 2016 and 2017. Aside from “The Atlantis Gene” in the Atlantis Saga series include “The Atlantis Girl”, “The Atlantis Allegiance”, “The Atlantis Secret”, “The Atlantis Origins”, “The Atlantis Guard”, and “The Atlantis Ascent”. The series revolves around the story of Jaxon Ares Andersen, a teenage girl with the Atlantis gene (Teach Meet International Organization). 

Beck released her first novel, “The Atlantis Girl” in 2015. Shortly after, she began working on her second series, “The Mage’s Daughter”, shortly after having released the first book of the trilogy, “Blood Magic”, in 2016. Unlike the Atlantis Sage series, which focuses on genes and the superpowers possessed by Jaxon and other Atlantis descendants, The Mage’s Daughter trilogy is about demons, rogue angels, and a teenage girl who is supposed to save the world from corrupt agents working with the Ministry of Occult Affairs. S. A. Beck’s novels are generally themed on supernatural powers and paranormal activities (Fantastic Fiction). 

The Context of the Book

Originally published on February 8, 2016, The Atlantis Gene is an action-based science-fiction novel filled with paranormal activities, and was primarily written for young-adult readers. It is the third novel in The Atlantis Saga series, which is expected to consist of seven books (as of writing, only four books have been published). It is set in Los Angeles where Jaxon lives with her new adoptive parents, in the Grants’ mansion; her life there seems too good to be true. She is enrolled in a posh private school where she struggles with her assignments because she has dyslexia.

The historical background of the book and the entire series is based on the lost city of Atlantis. Around 360 B.C., Plato narrated the story of the city of Atlantis and its residents who were believed to be half-god and half-human — possessing great wisdom, knowledge, and power. The city was believed to be a utopian society containing gold, silver, exotic wildlife, precious metals, among other rare artifacts (Drye). According to Plato, the city existed 9,000 years before he was born; priests, narrators, and poets had passed down its stories. Numerous theories exist about the location of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean (Radford). Culturally, the novel focuses on themes such as supernatural powers, U.S. government involvement in promoting national security, trust, friendship, and relationships. Although Jaxon’s life has been filled with numerous challenges, she relies on her friendship with Otto to protect herself and fight against criminals. 

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