The Awakening
Kate Chopin
Contributed by Loretta Ingwersen
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Symbols are objects or figures that artists use to represent an idea.
Esplanade Street

The Pontellier house is located on Esplanade Street, a sophisticated, wealthy section of New Orleans.

Pigeon house

The pigeon-house is Edna’s new, small home, where she keeps only one servant, paints, and finds her freedom and independence.


Cheniere is the church on Grand Isle, which many people attend. When Edna and Robert attend, she faints.


Klein’s is the hotel near Grande Isle in which Leonce Pontellier spends much time and money. Most of the young men, older men, businessmen, and husbands pass the summer evenings at Klein’s. 

Carondelet Street

Carondelet Street is the street in New Orleans where Leonce Pontellier does much of his business and bumps into Robert Lebrun on several occasions.

Lebrun Cottages

The Lebrun family owns the cottages at Grande Isle where the first third of the book takes place. Madame Lebrun runs them and befriends Edna Pontellier.

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