Roald Dahl
Contributed by Pearl Vahle
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Chapter 24-27

The Head of the Army and the Head of the Air Force toss around ideas about how to stop the giants. The Queen decides not to kill the giants but to bring them back alive. They decide to use helicopters to fly them back after sedating the giants. The BFG can’t point to Giant Country on a map so he has to lead the helicopters to the giants, with Sophie in his ear.

The helicopters have a hard time keeping up with the BFG. One pilot is very concerned that he can’t find where they are on a map anymore. The BFG warns the troops to be very quiet as they capture the giants.

They get everyone bundled up except the Fleshlumpeater, who wakes up. The BFG tries to fend him off and Sophie stabs the Fleshlumpeater with the sapphire brooch that the Queen gave her.

The Fleshlumpeater thinks that he has been bitten by a viper and listens to the BFG’s advice, holding his ankle tight in order to stop the venom from spreading. This allows the troops to finish what they started. The BFG grabs all the dreams as well as a sack and carries them back to England. The helicopters fly back with the giants dangling from ropes beneath them.

Back in England, workers dig a hole in the ground to place the giants in to make sure they don’t escape and start eating people again. The BFG feeds the giants the snozzcumbers he brought in his snack, and gives them to the gardener to plant so that there will always be food for the giants to eat that isn’t people.

The BFG and Sophie get many presents from the leaders of the world for their help in capturing the giants. Things are going well, with the exception of one incident where three drunk men fall into the giant pit and are eaten.

Afterwards, a sign saying not to feed the giants is put up. Sophie teaches the BFG to speak and read better and suggests that he write a book about his adventures. In fact, the BFG wrote the very book that you have just finished reading.


Here the author brings the story back to reality, mentioning things that would be familiar to readers, such as helicopters, leaders of the world, and the military operation.

The BFG shows his cunning again by suggesting that the giants be put to sleep before the soldiers tie them up in order to lessen the amount of trouble they will have. The BFG also shows that he has evolved throughout the course of the story.

Previously, and on several occasions, it was shown that the BFG was afraid of the other giants and reluctant to help humans. However, in this section, the BFG has gone from trusting one human, Sophie, to trusting several.

He also goes up against all the giants he fears, even teasing them and saying that they should have listened to him before. Then maybe they could have avoided this fate.

Both Sophie and the BFG have a happy ending, learning from each other. Sophie learns more about the world and the BFG learns to read and speak better from her.

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