The Catcher in the Rye
J. D. Salinger
Contributed by Marinda Dreiling
Chapter 18

Despite his blow-up with Sally, Holden’s still in search of some human companionship. He calls Jane, but doesn’t get an answer, then he calls Carl Luce, "one of these very intellectual guys...." (pg. 136) Carl Luce seems surprised to hear from Holden, though he agrees to meet later for a drink.

Holden, out of what he says is boredom but is beginning to feel like a tendency toward self-punishment, passes the time with a movie at Radio City. There’s a live show before the movie, which makes Holden sick and leads him into another long rant about the movies. When it’s over, he sets off on foot for the Wicker Bar, where he’s meeting Carl Luce. As he walks, he thinks about war, as he’s just seen a war movie. Holden says his brother D.B. fought in the war, and that D.B. didn’t think much of it at all. Holden shares D.B.’s opinion, he’s got what he’d call "yellowness" in this respect, too. If there’s ever another war, Holden says, "they better just take me out and stick me in front of a firing squad." (pg. 141)

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