The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown
Contributed by Cinderella Domino
Chapter 16

As police watch the jet land, they are surprised to see it go to Teabing’s private hangar. As Teabing descends the stairs from his jet, he tells the police and the airport’s Executive Services Officer that he told the pilot disregard the order to go to the terminal because he is late for a medical treatment. The chief police inspector tells Teabing to stay on the plane because French authorities have alerted them that there is a hostage on board. Teabing feigns surprise.

Teabing will not let the British officers on the plane without a warrant and suggests that the airport officer check the plane instead. The police do not agree; Teabing refuses to wait on the plane. Teabing tells the chief inspector that he will regret getting on Teabing’s plane without a warrant. The inspector boards the plane anyhow and finds nothing. Teabing tells the officer he will be hearing from his lawyers. Teabing and Rémy get into a limousine and leave. Sophie, Langdon and Silas are in the limo. When the plane landed, Rémy had quickly ushered them into the limousine before the police got to the hangar.

Langdon and Teabing discuss the location of the tomb they are searching for. Teabing tells Langdon about the Temple Church in London which has ten tombs. The Church was built by the Knights Templar. Teabing goes to give Rémy directions. Sophie asks Langdon what he thinks should be done with the Grail documents if they uncover them. Langdon does not believe the documents should be destroyed but he does not think they should be used to destroy the faith of millions of people.

When they arrive at the church, Teabing convinces an altar boy that they are benefactors and must be let in even though the church has not opened yet.

Rémy sits in an alley close to the church, thinking about how he will soon be a man of leisure. He unties Silas and offers him some wine. Silas asks Rémy if he is the Teacher. Rémy says he is not the Teacher but does work for him.

Fache arrives at the airport, angry that Teabing was allowed to leave. Fache asks the British officer if he interrogated the pilot. The officer says he did not because the pilot is French; thus he does not have the proper authority to question him. Within minutes of meeting the pilot, Fache elicits a signed confession. In the meantime Aringarosa calls Fache, telling Fache that he is coming to England and asking if Fache has Silas. Fache does not think Aringarosa should come to England and he tells Aringarosa that Silas’s captors were able to get away. Fache tells Aringarosa to land at the airport where Fache is. Fache reminds Aringarosa that he is not the only man on the verge of losing everything.

Sophie, Langdon and Teabing search the tombs for the “orb that ought to be on his tomb.” The altar boy tells Langdon that he looks familiar. Langdon says that is probably because they met the year before. When Langdon mentions that he has come to scatter ashes on these tombs, the altar boy tells him they are not tombs. The altar boy says that Mr. Wren, the man Langdon is pretending to be, should know that since it was his family who uncovered the fact that they are not tombs. A door in the annex slams shut; the boy leaves, thinking it is the priest in charge of the church. Instead, he meets Silas and Rémy who, brandishing a gun, tell him to leave and not tell anyone they are there.


In this section Langdon presents the idea of faith as potentially more important than the truth. In a way this is a very post-modern idea because it holds that we have no real access to the truth only to representations of the truth.

Once again, the police are duped when Sophie, Langdon and Silas are successfully removed from the plane. In this section, Fache once again uses his power to break the rules when he forces his way onto the plane.

This section also presents a major turning point in the novel. A turning point is a moment in the plot when a significant change occurs, or the reader learns significant information. Here we learn that Rémy is working with the Teacher. This is momentous because Rémy has heard everything the others have been discussing all evening. Moreover, they are vulnerable to him because they believe he is working with them.

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