The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown
Contributed by Cinderella Domino
Chapter 3

Sophie explains to Fache that the numbers in Saunière’s message correspond with the Fibonacci sequence when rearranged. Fache becomes enraged when Sophie suggests that Saunière may have been playing a joke on him because the numeric code is simple to the point of absurdity. Sophie leaves, telling Fache she will inform her department that their services are no longer needed in the case. Langdon tells Fache that there has been an accident at home and he must return in the morning; the then asks to use the restroom. Fache goes to Collet and tells him to make sure Langdon does not go anywhere besides the restroom. It is apparent that they have placed a tracking device on Langdon.

Sophie meets Langdon in the bathroom and tells him that he is the chief suspect in Saunière’s murder investigation. She asks him to look in his pocket, where he finds a GPS tracking device planted by Collet at the hotel. Langdon is flabbergasted. He asks why Fache would suspect him. Sophie tells Langdon that there is another line to the message Saunière left, which Fache erased before bringing Langdon to the scene. The line reads “P.S. Find Robert Langdon.” Langdon is stunned and does not understand why Saunière would have written his name.

Langdon asks why Sophie is helping him. Sophie tells him that she believes he is innocent and that it is partly her fault that he has gotten into trouble. Sophie tells Langdon that all of Saunière’s clues were intended to get her attention and to make sure she became involved with the case. The final line directly addresses her; P.S. stands for Princesse Sophie, which is Saunière’s pet name for her. Sophie tells Langdon that Saunière was her grandfather.

After ten minutes Fache becomes concerned about Langdon’s absence. Collet thinks Fache must feel a lot of pressure because the media has recently been very critical of him. Fache receives a call from the director of the Cryptology Department. The director says that something is not quite right with Sophie Neveu.

Silas arrives in France for the first time since he was arrested. He is filled with a sense of purpose as he approaches the church.


In these chapters we learn more about the female protagonist, Sophie Neveu. Saunière was Sophie’s grandfather and for some reason she seems compelled to rescue Langdon from the French police. We also learn that Fache is under pressure from the media and, therefore, must solve this crime quickly. Fache’s focus on Langdon, which seems propelled by the pressure he is feeling, supports the theme of power as potentially corrupting. Fache is the chief of police in Paris and has the power to direct the investigation.

In singling out Langdon, he may be able to build a strong enough case based on circumstantial evidence to convict an innocent man. The theme of power corrupting is also found in the Church. As the plot unfolds it will become apparent that the Church has wielded its power to rewrite history.

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