The Dispossessed
Ursula Kroeber Le Guin
Contributed by Twanda Mangano
Discussion Questions
  1. Throughout the novel, the reader is introduced to numerous characters. Who was your favorite and why? Did you have a favorite race of people? Who did you identify with the most?
  2. Shevek believes that he made a mistake in putting his trust, his life, in the hands of the Urrasti. Do you agree? What else could he have done? Did he find his utopia in the end?
  3. There are many morals and words of wisdom for today’s society throughout the novel. What are they? Should they be viewed as warnings? Which one was most important to you?
  4. Do you believe that the Odonian society is somehow more moral than the Urrasti? How are the power structures disguised in the Odonian societal model? What is the importance of owning nothing?
  5. Shevek states, "Revolution is our obligation; our hope of evolution." If a society is founded upon revolution, as Shevek believes, is it the people’s responsibility to maintain the mindset that made the initial revolt possible?
  6. Every struggle has its "Odo." Who is the Odo for the following struggles: Civil Rights, Women’s Liberation, South African Apartheid, to name a few. Can you think of others? Who are they?
  7. What do you think is a more effective tool of governing, popular opinion or laws? Is it our fear of getting caught or of being shunned by our neighbors and society that keep us honest?
  8. How does Shevek grow throughout the course of the novel? How effective is the use of flashbacks in every other chapter? Can they really be considered flashbacks once you understand the theories of time with which Shevek is struggling?
  9. What role does the family structure play within Odonian society? How are Shevek and Tekver revolutionaries in this aspect?
  10. Were you surprised when Shevek decides to go to the Hainish and not the Thuvians, being the enemies of the Urrasti? How do you think each culture will use his theory?
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