The Fault in Our Stars
John Green
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 10

The day of making the trip to Amsterdam arrives, and Hazel and her mom drive to Gus’s house so that they may pick him up for the flight. On arrival, they intercept an argument between Gus and his parents, but Hazel cannot understand the reason behind the argument. After arriving at the airport gate, Gus rushes to grab a burger but does not return for an hour. Upon boarding their flight, Gus explains to Hazel the reason for staying away for an hour (Green 35), saying that he did not want people to keep on looking at them, attracting unwanted attention, especially when he would be eating while sitting close to her. He also talks about his hate for the people who stare at cancer victims. Also, the trip mark Gus’s first air travel experience, where he is overjoyed at the experience. Mrs. Lancaster falls asleep during the course of the flight; the two youngsters decide to watch a movie, 300, where later they talk about death and poetry. Gus manages to express his love for Hazel, but she remains quiet, unable to answer.


Making the trip to Amsterdam brings the two lovebirds closer than before. However, Hazel already know that Gus has some troubles at home; but she chooses not to ask him about it, as she accepts him for who he is. On the other hand, Gus wants Hazel to admit and act upon her feelings towards him, despite her continued reluctance. She even recites him a poem as a way of showing her fears of getting involved with him romantically. The poem also foreshadows Hazel’s future decision to embrace her love for Gus.

The two also watch 300 due to its heroic themes. Ideally, their trip is a clear indication of their heroism. In addition, Gus already knows about his current condition as his cancer has returned, and this round he has no hope for remission. Nonetheless, he still makes the trip despite knowing that it may cost him several days or weeks of his life. To him, he desires to die a hero, and he needs to help Hazel achieve her dreams regardless of the cost involved.

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