The Fault in Our Stars
John Green
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 12

The next day, Gus and Hazel meet Van Houten. They dress up nicely, and Hazel wears an outfit similar to the one Anna wears in An Imperial Affliction. On reaching Van Houten’s home, disappointment meets them, as the author is extremely unhelpful, unpleasant and insulting. Hazel is deeply hurt and she explodes at the writer seeking answers to her questions. However, Van Houten fails to answer them and they decide to leave, filled with demoralization and anger. Lidewij also feels disappointed by the behavior portrayed by her boss and she decides to quit (Green 54). To make up for the incident, she offers to take them to Anne Frank House. Gus hesitates but Hazel convinces him, as she sees no reason of having the trip ruined due to the actions of an unpleasant old man. Upon arrival at the house, Hazel pushes herself to climb up to the top although the house lacks an elevator. Together with Gus, they talk about the horrors associated with the Holocaust, when suddenly Hazel kisses Gus passionately for the first time. An audience watches them and cheers, making them feel good (Green 56). After that, the two leave and head to Gus’s hotel room.


Hazel seems to find solutions to different issues more easily than before. The disappointment caused by Van Houten does not weigh her down, as she decides to visit Anne Frank House. At the house, she realizes the difficulties of life by analyzing Anne’s life, one that had many challenges and struggles. She respects the woman and decides to climb to the top as a tribute to her death.

Thinking of Anne Frank’s life puts different things into perspective for Hazel. She realizes that despite living in the house, Anne never attained full liberation. Therefore, her fears should not limit her from living a good life, and it includes being romantically involved with Gus. She acknowledges that dreams should be tried irrespective of the possible future. Therefore, she decides to accept Gus and move their love to the next step, an indication that she has fully embraced her entire life.

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