The Fault in Our Stars
John Green
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 13

The following day Gus and Hazel tell Mrs. Lancaster the occurrences of the previous day. Upon hearing everything, she decides to leave and let the two lovebirds spend some quality time together. The two then decide to go for a walk, where Gus eventually shares his heartbreaking news about the return of cancer in his body (Green 58). He also informs her of his option of restarting medication, and his choice of making the trip happen, as it was more important. Nonetheless, he seeks forgiveness for not telling Hazel the news earlier, and she forgives him without hesitation.


By sharing the sad news of cancer returning and spreading throughout his body, Gus gives Hazel a chance to rethink her previous views on death. At that moment, Hazel realizes that she cannot stop loving Gus regardless of the imminent death. She clearly sees the main reasons that drive Gus into loving her so much, and she manages to get past her fears of hurting others. Ideally, she notes that she has to live her life fully before it ends, knowing that her remaining time on Earth is limited. She also thinks about self-fulfillment and the necessary steps that people follow before gaining attainment. She uses Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of psychological needs as her guiding tool, identifying the stage she is currently in and attaining self-fulfillment. These thoughts indicate her growing strength in living a good life and caring for Gus as he cares for herself.

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