The Fault in Our Stars
John Green
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 16

Hazel chooses to spend her time with Gus who continues to struggle while trying to properly eat and remain awake at the same time. Usually, Hazel wakes up in the morning and goes to see Gus at noon, and eats lunch with his parents while he just watches them eat. They play a video game and go outside together (Green 65) before she takes a nap and returning to her home in the evening. The cycle continues for several days.


The impending death obsesses Gus as he worries about the legacy he will leave behind after his death. His wishes are to create a memoir that shows him as of high esteem after his death. The piece he ends up writing shows his changed opinions on the traits of a hero, as recognition has no important role to play in becoming one. He also realizes that helping others makes him feel much able to protect all those he loves despite his situation. He is always ready to sacrifice himself for Hazel, and he shows this by sacrificing himself to save her when they play a video game. To Gus, not being able to prevent his death makes him want his death to benefit someone.

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