The Fault in Our Stars
John Green
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 19

At this point, Gus claims that his last shred of dignity is almost leaving him. His death seems close and unavoidable, and his sisters and their husbands have even joined the family to spend the last moments with him. The sisters choose to treat him differently, as they see him as adversely sick. However, Gus seeks a different type and level of attention, as if he was still healthy, and keeps asking for Hazel because she understands him better. She continues to crack jokes with Gus and treats him as if he is still healthy (Green 71). Gus’s father realizes Hazel’s importance and he even thanks her, since he has continued to bring happiness to Gus’s life despite his impending condition.


Despite the impending death, where the body begins to break down and its spirit slowly dissipating, Gus still holds on to Hazel as she is the only one who brings normality to whatever life he has left. Having his extended family around is a clear indication of his imminent death, a thought he seeks to avoid as much as possible. In addition, his sister’s children notice his impending death and they do not know how to act or talk when around him. His parents also seem fully occupied by his death and they cannot give him the attention he needs. Therefore, Hazel remains as his only hope of having his life outside the certain death, where she allows him to be himself despite the situation. Even Gus’s father seems grateful to Hazel for her continued support and help to his son.

The prevailing situation in Gus’s house shows the experience people have whenever death comes their way. Often, those close to the dying individual do not know how to act or speak to them, and it leaves the individual distressed at times. The behavior exhibited by Hazel shows the correct way of how people should behave in such situations, thus helping the individuals achieve a natural and positive death.

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