The Fault in Our Stars
John Green
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 24

Mr. Waters calls Hazel after several days of her initial search for Gus’s writings. His call is to inform her that he found a notebook that has some pages ripped out (Green 82). At first, Hazel thinks that Gus must have written something on the pages and left them in the church for her to find. She arrives at the church early with Isaac with the aim of looking for the pages. Hazel never finds them, and the cancer support group meeting begins.

The group leader seeks to know how Hazel feels, and she responds with a question asking whether the leader ever wanted to just die. To answer her question, Patrick asks her why she does not just die; Hazel says she does not know. In the evening, she wants to go to bed but her mother confronts her saying that she must eat. Hazel tries to explode at her again, but her mother stops her by saying that she has been working on her master’s degree in social work for the last year with the aim of counseling families. She thinks of the future despite Hazel’s condition, and her words seem to be exactly what Hazel needed to hear. Subsequently, she decides to eat before going to bed.


Hazel has already seen what the death of a loved one may do to people, especially after considering Van Houten’s condition. She is afraid that the same may happen to her family after she dies. However, the knowledge that her mother is mindful about the future comforts her. In addition, she understands that her mom is aiming to provide support to other people and families through counseling, and this discovery makes her proud. She clearly understands that even after her death, her family will manage to cope with the situation, thus greatly reliving her worries.

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