The Fault in Our Stars
John Green
Contributed by Margherita Wickersham
Chapter 25

Hazel still wants to know what Gus wrote about her, and talks to Kaitlyn about the missing pages. In her opinion, Kaitlyn believes that Gus must have mailed the pages to someone, so that the recipient would hand them over to Hazel. Subsequently, Hazel contacts Lidewij in Amsterdam in the hopes of good news. While she waits for her reply, Hazel’s mom interrupts to inform her that they will have a picnic in Holliday Park to celebrate Bastille Day (Green 85). The picnic is a way of taking Hazel’s mind away from the pain of losing Gus. Lidewij goes to Van Houten’s house the next morning and finds Gus’s letter, which she then sends to Hazel. Later, Hazel finds out that the letter is Gus’s eulogy for her. The eulogy makes it clear that Gus’s idea of a hero has changed while revealing his view of Hazel as one of the most heroic people he has ever had the chance to know.


After receiving the letter, Hazel’s first thought is that Gus wrote a development to end An Imperial Affliction. However, her discovery turns out to be much better. Gus had written her eulogy describing various things Hazel had made him learn in his life. He tells her that a hero was not his aspiration, in terms of gaining mass recognition, rewards, and medals. Instead, he talks about having people like Hazel in his life, the people who make a difference in the lives of others by noticing things, paying attention, as well as other things. Gus describes those people as the true heroes. He also says that the death of a loved one does not stop life for the living; on the contrary, life moves forward.

Green then ends his book as abruptly as An Imperial Affliction, albeit not in mid-sentence. However, the book does not reveal Hazel’s life after finding the eulogy. It is not clear whether she manages to pull herself out of the pain of losing Gus. Nonetheless, there are clear hints that she is strong enough to handle the experience effectively and in the correct manner. In addition, the reader does not get to know the length of Hazel’s life considering that Phalanxifor might have kept her alive for longer than expected, or the fluid in her lungs may have ultimately ended her life.

Despite that, the reader understands her reaction after receiving the letter. The handwritten eulogy shows how Gus valued the love he had for Hazel. Additionally, despite sending it to Van Houten for editing, the lonely author saw no need of adding anything, as the work was impressive and correctly expressed. The conversational tone of the letter lets Hazel feel as though she is speaking to Gus in person. Eventually, she says ‘I do’ as a response to Gus’s question about her feeling the same as he feels.

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